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  • Steel plate with control-piston intake body attached to stationary platen

  • Position and configuration of the ancillary injection unit optional H-, L, V-position

  • Control of the molten mass current of main and secondary component only via two pressurized pistons

  • Integrated shut-off nozzle function – spring corpus presses piston against interior sealing surface of the nozzle

  • Starting up of the nozzle towards sprue bush of the mold through main injection unit (horizontal), simultaneously tautening of a spring corpus

  • Hot-cold-separation at sprue bush of the mold due to the spring corpus pushing the nozzle back into its home position during the shut down of the horizontal injection unit

  • Injection of the skin component: Both pistons are moved due to the melt pressure

  • Injection of the core component: Only the piston on the “right” is moved due to the melt pressure, the molten mass runs through the bore inside the “left” piston

  • Simultaneous injection of the two molten masses: The piston on the “left” takes up an intermediate position (mottling process and transition period during the injection in between skin and core material – no melt flow standstill

  • At the end of the injection/ holding pressure phase the melt pressure is down to zero, the spring corpus pressures the pistons back into their initial position and the nozzle is shut

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